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Recycled Boxes

Our product mix includes the following, which we describe as recycled corrugated boxes.

Stock Boxes

We also carry a selection new plain “stock boxes” available in 8 popular sizes.

These may be purchased in any quantity (bundles of 25) or by the pallet at a reduced price.


We sell used triple wall gaylord containers.

Actual sizes may vary slightly but these containers are designed to fit a standard 48” x 40” pallet

We also sell used 48″ x 40″ corrugated sheets. Please call us for the latest pricing on this product as well.

Moving Boxes

We carry a wide range of moving boxes and supplies. Everything from packing paper to mattress covers.

Click on this link to view our complete product line of moving boxes and supplies

16 x 11 x 5 used box 2,000 pcs - 55¢ COMPARED TO new box - .95¢ COST SAVINGS $760
17 x 11 x 16 used box 1,000 pcs - 95¢ COMPARED TO new box - $1.65 COST SAVINGS $850
26 x 16 x 18 used box 1,000 pcs - 1.45¢ COMPARED TO new box - $2.45 COST SAVINGS $1200
24 x 15 x 25 used box 1,000 pcs – $1.65 COMPARED TO new box - $2.95 COST SAVINGS $1350